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4 Tips That Should Definitely Ignore if You Want a Successful Career

  • March 30, 2017

If it your career is very important to you, then you probably looking for tips that can get you to the top, but you should be careful. Although some tips that seem quite logical, justified and correct, they are not. Pay attention to these tips. Surely you’ve heard them a million times before, but they will not take you where you want to be, so it is better to ignore them.


1. ‘It is not all about the money’

Of course, money is important, and anyone who claims otherwise is probably born under a lucky star and do not need to worry about the finance. Otherwise, of course, it is important how much money you make, especially if you want to live a certain way, like if you want to buy new shoes, or you want to travel. Of course, we are not materialistic and money is not the only thing that makes us happy, but the fact is that money makes life easier. Additionally, you want to be adequately rewarded for your labor.

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2.’Start from scratch’

You have to start from somewhere! We all want our work and effort to be valued because if you work literally for nothing or you work something that is below your level of education, in that case, you won’t be motivated for further work. It is time to realize how much you worth, but if you still not paid for your labor, then you should move on and never give up on your dreams.


 3. ‘Fallow your passion’

This advice is not practical at all. How can you define what job suits you best? It is normal to have multiple interests, hobbies, ideas… Therefore, you should work what you want, no matter what it involves. You do not have to focus on one passion. Or, you can choose the thing that will allow you to earn more money. and continue to deal with it those things that you want. One blow – more flies. Simply, do not part with him.

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 4. ‘Wait for your moment’

Sometimes things happen in the right time when we expect them in the least. But sometimes instead od waiting for things to happen if you want to get what you deserve you should take some action. So you can ask your superior for promotion, but if the answer is NO in that do not be disappointed, but at least you know you tried.




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