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Several Things That Men Find More Important Than Sex +18

  • March 30, 2017

How many times have you heard that men only want sex? One man decided to share a few truths about this fact. According to him, sex can be fabulous at any age, but there is something more important than sex.

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The desire for sex is the definition of every male. But what men want more than sex? We all know that women need to feel loved to engage in sex, but men like to have sex to feel loved. Whatmenreceivefrom the sex?

Physical pleasure is imminent, but there is a deeper need that men want to meet – The need for a “peaceful harbor”. The male world is very competitive. The men compete with each other to win the women’s, heart. They take actions, and the women decide what is acceptable. Of course, today the roles are not as strict as they were in the past, but in fact, men still want to present him as a perfect choice for the women who want him.

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When men gain access to the female body, it gives them a sense of peace which goes beyond simple sexual pleasure. In the past, if the men wanted to have a girl in his arms, he invited her to dance with him. If she accepted, he had great joy, but if she refused, for him it was harder than hell.

Eventually, men have become tired of that world of competition and they seek for a woman where they do not have to hide their personality in front of her, nor pretend to be something they are not. They yearn for a woman who will want them as they are who can touch not only their bodies but also their heart and soul.

Men love when they put their head in the lap of their partner; because that’s how they find their peace. In those moments they feel fully accepted and do not have a need for sex, but for love. Just as men find it difficult to pronounce it, women find it difficult to offer that aspect of intimacy. It is considered that there are three main reasons.

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First, women have their own definition of masculinity. If he does not want sex, a woman often thinks that there are not sufficiently attractive to him. Second, when a man wants a woman to hug him, she usually thinks that she is dealing with a boy, not a man. Third, women fear that men will not respond to the feelings.It takes more time for men to admit that they really need a place where they feel peaceful, secure and accepted by women.

It takes a lot of courage to admit that women want sex, but they prefer the feeling of security, love, and tenderness. It requires a certain amount of wisdom to realize that the manliest thing that man can provide for his woman is a vulnerability. Women also need to overcome their definition of men and open for those who are vulnerable in other ways.

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A woman who knows how to give peace to her man is one that he loves. She also must have the strength to protect him when his vulnerability grows into anxiety, anger or depression. In that case, the reward is a deep love and intimacy between partners.


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