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Rules About Sex That Existed In The 19th Century: Would You Try Them Today? +18

  • April 2, 2017

Sex is no longer taboo as it was in the past. In the 19th century, there were unusual rules about sex, so we selected some of them to make you laugh… What do you think; could you live with these rules?


1. Men had to be dominant in bed

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Man always had the main role in the bed, and the woman was not allowed to revoke this privilege.


2.The woman bought the most expensive underwear, which had to be pink and decorated

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The woman had to have clean and tidy underwear which is pink because of it more appealing to men.


3.The woman should not read books about sex

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Romantic descriptions, thrills and sex novels were not considered real because such books caused girls to behave inappropriately.


4.A woman should never be seen naked

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In 1894 one book stated that clever girl should never allow her husband to see her naked.


5. Sex is allowed only when is dark

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If sex cannot be prevented, it is best to be kept in the dark.

These days there are five different rules from the past, without which you cannot have good sex. See them below!

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