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What Would Make You Happier: Sex Once A Week Or Earning More Money? +18

  • April 2, 2017

The research was constituted of several individual experiments. Several amorous couples were asked questions related to how often they have sex, how often they kissed each other, how many times they hugged during the week and exchanged gentle touches. The results showed that frequent sex really improves their relationships, but gentle touches also increase happiness in their lives. In other words, cuddle after sex it is very important.

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There is a link between sex and frequent positive emotions. More sex leads to more happiness, but only if there are love and affection among sexual partners.

The bottom line is that perhaps really worth to replace additional 50,000 $ per year for sex once a week, but only if the sex is really good and accompanied with many kisses and hugsJ.

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There are several things that men find more important than sex. Find out more on the next link.

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