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No Good Sex Without These 5 Rules! +18

  • April 3, 2017

There are too many Sex tips that you can study for days and re-discover something new. Because of extravagance and experiments in your sex life, sometimes seem to forget the basics of good sex. No matter how much sexual experience you have, these 5 rules you should never forget!


  1. First sex

The first sex would never be the best sex you’ll ever have, unless you end up in bed with sex god by some oriental mythology. Fear, anxiety and tension are always present in both partners and it is always difficult for both partners to get completely relax.

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  1. Foreplay

Foreplay is the most important thing in sex and it must always be long and slow. The reason? – Research on the body of the partner which will provide pleasure (read: good sex) during penetration.

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  1. Discomfort

Sex is usually funny and the sooner you realize it, the more you will enjoy it. During intercourse partners make strange faces, drop impossible sounds and cries and their voices are changing. So do not get angry if your partner guffawed in the middle of sex.

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  1. Morning sex

Many men are naturally evoking mild erection and therefore no man will refuse sex in the morning. The most important thing in morning sex is to wake up in a good mood and to start a day with a positive energy. Also, morning sex is known as a cure for hangover.

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  1. Dirty talk

Sex has its own language, and it basically involves formulation of your sexual fantasies in a way that your partner can achieve while simultaneously these words will cause excitement in him. Say what you want and crave something for which, otherwise you will never get what lies in your fantasies.

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