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6 Items on Your Office Desk That Reveal Your Personality

  • April 9, 2017

Your desk is filled with dirty cups of coffee! Or with the staples in color! Either on your desk is nothing but a pen! The appearance of your office desk can reveal a lot about your personality!



1.Staples in different colors

You are a tip of person who loves “surfing” on net, and you fantasize about your own business from your Instagram account. You regularly posting photo of on social networks like you wearing a sunglasses while drinking your morning cup of coffee with friends or colleagues.

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You organize the Christmas parties at work every year and usually send emails to coworkers to remind them about the after-work party, and that is why everybody loves you.



You are a practical person. You always take notes about your meetings, visiting dentist, going to cinema….You like to wear decent close rather than trendy pieces.

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Usually coworkers ask you for a recommendation of good wine or a book. Perhaps some of them considered you  snob, but you are the kind of person who knows exactly what he wants.


3.Dirty cup of coffee 

The drama begins early in the morning, whether it comes to an argument with your partner, unruly children, passive-aggressive roommate, or traffic jam on the way to work …

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You always keep  an extra shirt, dress or pair of shoes in your drawer at work. Also, you know all the best places for fun after work.


4.Pens in different colors
You are very proud of your Instagram profile, and you are wonder why some colleagues in your office are not your followers. You are very confident person. Also, you are an experts in preparing healthy food, who know how to make gluten-free biscuits.

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You are the one who has the best ideas during the meeting at work.


5. Only one pen

You really hate your job and barely waited for the end of working day. During the lunch break you upload applications for other jobs. Instead of the task, most of the time you spend “surfing” on the Internet and maintaining your profile on Linkedin.

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You usually find comfort in yoga, meditation, coffee or inspirational quotes. Occasionally you cry in the bathroom at work.


6.Photos of cats

You probably work in a social medium or a company that deals with a different kind of marketing where you can be weird as you want. You usually wear striking necklaces, leggings with prints and you underestimate your female college because she wears feminine dresses.


Your coworkers thinks that you are very weird person.

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