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How To “Dress to Impress” According to Your Body Type

  • June 14, 2017

If you want to look great in the clothes that you wear, it is essential to be adopted on your body shape. There are four different shapes of female’s body and each woman belongs to any of this categories:

  • Apple Body Type
  • Pear Body Type
  • Straight Body Type
  • Hourglass Body Type


 Apple Body Type

If you have a body in shape of an apple, you should try to attract the attention out of your midriff. You have to direct attention away from your shoulders and waist. Draw attention to your neck and bust. If you belong in this category, you should choose for flared pants over straight-leg pants and wear bottoms to bring the attention away from the midriff. Do not wear dresses and belts. Instead of that, you can wear tops that cover the middle-section curves. You should wear dark colors. They will suit you perfectly.


Pear Body Type

Pear- shaped bodies should minimize the attention to their lower half and focus on adding to their bust and shoulder area.Balance your top with your bottom to look perfect. Try wearing tops that “show off” your shoulders more. You should not wear pants that will narrow your legs. Wear the right bra size. Push-up bra for adding up extra curves on the top is a good idea. The perfect bottom option will be straight-leg pants with heels.


Straight/Rectangular Body Type

Rectangle-shaped bodies should wear clothes that showcase the curves. You need to add texture and a little bit of volume to your figure with frills and ruffles.  Try not wearing track clothes and baggy jeans. You should wear mini skirts in order to show your high and straight legs.



Hourglass Body Type

The hourglass body type is the body with the most beautiful natural curves. If you want to make them noticeable in any occasions, you need:

Focus on your waist. Wear snug clothes, because it will make your curves show up more.

Follow your body’s outline and wear dresses that will showcase your awesome curves.

You should wear dresses that pinch up your midsection.

Wear a supportive bra, so that your breast are not droopy, but perky.

Focus more on V-neck dresses and tops. They are flattering and look beautiful on big-busted girls.


Source: www.healthtipsportal.com

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