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Natural Home Remedies for Nails: How To Make Your Nails Look Beautiful and Healthy By Using This Simple Ingredients? Amazing!

  • August 4, 2017

Every woman knows that no matter how wonderful your outfit and your makeup looks, if your nails are not done, then your whole appearance looks incomplete. But, sometimes nails are not strong enough and they are brittle.  Brittle nails always cause discomfort as they get cracked and chipped easily. The main reason for this kind of nails can be long-term use of nail polish, overexposure to water, aging, eczema, anemia, fungal infection, etc.

But, you should not be worried! Getting shiny nails is not a tough row to hoe. The ingredients from your kitchen cabinet can work wonders for you. Let’s check some of the home remedies for clean, shiny and healthy nails:


#1# Lemon juice

Lemon juice is perfect for whiter and clearer nails. It not only makes your nails shinier, but it also removes stains from them that might have occurred due to dust, pollution or any chemical.

How to use it?

Soak your hands in lemon juice for some time. Then add some vinegar and warm water to the lemon juice, and gently rub a brush on your nails while keeping them soaked in the mix. After some time, wash your hands with warm water. You can repeat this wonderful treatment to your nails once in a week.


#2# Butter

Butter is the best remedy for shiny nails.  It contains a lot of nutrients like vitamins A, B, and E, potassium, sodium, calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium, all of which help to make your nails glow.

How to use it?

Massage your nails and cuticles with butter for a few minutes, and then wash your hands with lukewarm water. Follow this remedy daily to get quick results.


#3# Fish oil

Fish oil is great for nail treatment, especially during the winter. The omega-3 fatty acids present in it moisturises your nails and makes them stronger.


#4# Coconut oil

Coconut oil prevents your nails from fungal infection.

How to use it?

Pour a few drops of this ‘easy to find’ oil on your nails and cuticles, and give them a gentle massage for some time. You can follow this process twice a day to get the best results.


#5# Baby oil

Baby oil will work great for your nails. especially when the nails tend to get drier when they are exposed to water repeatedly.

How to use it?

Simply massage your nails with any good quality baby oil every day to prevent your nails from getting dry and brittle.


#6# Water

Water can help with your nails in two ways. First, drinking a lot of water helps you to get that shine back on your nails. And secondly, cleaning your nails regularly with warm water helps to maintain their cleanliness.


#7# Cucumber

Cucumber works wonderfully for your nails.

How to use it?

You can simply rub a slice of cucumber on your nails every time you are preparing the salad, or you can apply cucumber juice to see your nails shine like never before.


#8# Toothpaste scrub

Exfoliation with toothpaste can make your nails stay healthy and retain their natural glow.

How to use it?

With simply brushing the nails with a soft toothbrush and whitening toothpaste. This will remove the dirt from your nails and will give them a refreshing feeling.



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