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2 Simple Ways To Release Sciatic Nerve Pain At Home Using No Medicine

  • September 18, 2017

When you suffer from sciatic nerve pain, this nerve can produce severe pains that can even paralyze you. This is the one that originates in the lumbar spine, from there it goes towards the glutes and it extends the feet.


Sciatic pain is usually related to the process of muscle contraction, which occurs after anyone’s 30 and 35 years of age. When visiting your doctor for the pain, it is very likely that they will prescribe some medications that, at times will have no effect. Worse yet, most of these drugs will end up damaging other areas of your body.


Pregnant women and the elderly suffer the most from this kind of pain. Bearing in mind that, in the case of the pregnant woman, her mood and health condition can affect the baby, it is necessary to calm this unbearable pain.


In this article, we will show you two simple exercises that you can do in your own home that can help to release sciatic nerve pain.



Lie on a completely flat surface. Then, lift your sore leg and slowly fold it upwards as close as you can to your shoulder. When you feel the tension, hold that same posture for about thirty seconds. To finish, return to the initial position by stretching the leg on the surface.

This process should be repeated twice more to achieve the goal.



Lie on a flat surface. Then, bend your knees and hold them with your hands, bringing them to your chest as much as you can. Try to keep the pelvis always on the floor. Now you cross your legs and stretch the one that hurts you the most. Hold that posture for about thirty seconds and resume the starting position.

Repeat the exercise two more times.







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